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Czech Estrogenolit 12 Klara HD

Female ejaculation is impossible to control! It is one of the side effects of Estrogenolit. Do you want to take the risk? Klara Prochazkova volunteered to be a testing subject. She suffers from a problem she is embarrassed to speak about. She’s developing frigidity. She is losing interest in sex with both men and women. She loves her partner but has to fake arousal and orgasms. Total sexual decline and fall. Estrogenolit kicked in quickly and caused a total moral blackout. She couldn’t handle the tsunami of immediate sexual desire and grabbed the cock of Dr. Dlouhy! Just a little while! The monitoring doctor was forced to violate Hippocratic Oath against his will! Klara squired all around! It was the orgasmic ride of her life! Estrogenolit sets every cunt on fire! The effects are guaranteed!

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